Why Wasabi is so Expensive

A lot of people are trying to have more income as the global pandemic is surging. This is because almost all businesses in the United States such as the tree removal Charlotte NC, and other companies were almost forced to stop doing their services because of the rising case of coronavirus infection. And because people are encouraged to grow their own food through doing some gardening in their backyard and lawn, there is a growing interest in trying to grow Wasabi, as it is considered to be one of the expensive plants you can ever own and plant in your soil.  

Wasabinative in Japan, is used for different purposes in medicine, cuisine, and others. It is said to be very limited as it is extremely difficult to plant and grow this plant. The following are the basic facts you might not know about the Wasabi plant: 

  • Fresh wasabi is very rare and can cost hundreds of dollars per kilo.  
  • There are many imitations of wasabi that are available in different market 
  • The wasabi you are used to eating is most probably just a horseradish, food coloring, and sweeter combined. Also, it is also been commonly known that it is very expensive, there are less than %5 of the real wasabi being manufactured. 

 When growing Wasabi, you need a constant supply of running water. This is why you will notice some greenhouses do have stream banks in the area. Also, these plants like a shaded area with gravel and rocky soil. When it comes to temperature, the plant can just tolerate between 8 and 20 degrees centigrade in the while year and starts to weaken and die if it gets more than those numbers. Also, the temperature needs to be constant as the plant will not be able to survive If the temperature keeps on fluctuating. In addition to this, the plants require a humid environment and the right minerals to survive, but too much humidity and wrong minerals can also cause problems on the plant as it becomes more susceptible to diseases.  

Another thing that makes the Wasabi plant very unique is that spice that comes from the chemical reaction when you break down the cells of the plants. However, this reaction is very short-lived. The spice that comes out from the Wasabi plants can only last from three minutes up to 30 minutes maximum. After this, all of the flavors will be gone. If you have tasted a Wasabi in which flavors lasted long, it was probably one of the imitations and fake Wasabi that have been proliferating in the market.  

Water, humidity, temperature, shade, sulfur, and all of those things are very crucially important for you to establish an environment that is able to grow a Wasabi plant. If one of those important factors are absent and inadequate, there is a high chance that you will not be able to grow it no matter how dedicated you are. The process of growing this plant and the effort it requires are what make the plants very expensive when you buy it in the market.  

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